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life within the past 33 weeks...

So i haven't updated this thing in a very long while. Life has changed a lot as usual. I'm dating this great kid named Kelvin, although I'm a little pissed at him right now but only because boys will be boys and they will be rude sometimes. :(

I'm off from work today and tomorrow, I work at Joe's Crab Shack. It's a good job other then the fact that they base your performance on what you're selling rather then how well you treat your guests and how happy you make them. It's crazy and backwards and makes me resent the management a good amount of the time. The weekend sucked and I am just really glad to get a break and a little breather although I hope to pick up a shift for tomorrow because the shitty weekend left my pocket rather thin.

My mom wants me to come over but I don't feel like driving all the way to Winter Park to give a stupid cat a fucking bath. I want to smoke some weed... but kelvin has my weed. :( This is bullshit! Well, if I go to my mom's that is one thing that I can do, smoke weed. So, I guess I will go there.

I got arrested in February for possesion of mj and some xanex. I quit the xanex, every story I have heard with it has scared me shitless so I cut myself off of it. I feel better now because of it. I still smoke, sorry, but that's it. I can't wait til all the court shit is situated and I can be done and over with it.

I had a really strange dream with my general manager last night...he was some sort of teenage girl molester. I swear my brain is the weirdest person I know. Well, it was nice updating this, but I'm gonna go now. I drank some sprite and it made my stomach hurt so I'm gonna go take a pepto.

I hope Kelvin calls me on break and apologizes for being an ass hole. Telling me I complain too much! Ha! That's how I am, he should be used to it by now..

peace out, erin
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