dirt (charred_bra) wrote,

the end.

I remember fighting for something
You and your devils inside.
And I just wanted to find a place to hide.
See the sea,
Be the sea.
The sand in my mouth choked you,
What is there to say anyway?
I cannot see,
I am so small.
My fingers are ants.
My eyeballs are rotten.
But your eyes told me more.
My lips could have brushed against
your skin.
But they knew better by then.

When it's all said and done,
And I have finally moved on,
Our rocks for our newest love.
Your window never broke,
But maybe my mind did a long time ago.
Stems, seeds, key marks to remind you of
The same place, the same time,
Stepping in spit while buying a dime.
His kisses were like a smack in the face,
They always had a taste of mistake.
And his words always made my insides shake.
The kisses I should've had
never really were ready for me.
My way of destroying myself
in the simplest ways.
The beach and the whales and the waves,
They could swallow me if I trudged their way.
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